Rivermaid will ply between Kingsbridge & Salcombe as follows;                                                                                                                                                            

             Rivermaid departs from Kingsbridge Quay & Boatyard Quay Kingsbridge.

Where * appears in sailing time boat starts from Boatyard Quay only, (ten minute level walk approx. from Kingsbridge Quay, 15-20 minute walk from Squares Quay Car Park).

Salcombe departures are from the Ferry Steps by the Ferry Inn. 

Ferry cruises take approx.35minutes each way. Check timetable for your return sailing time. 

                  RIVERMAID will ply between Kingsbridge and Salcombe as follows;  (am & pm times)    

See 'from Kingsbridge' column for ferry sailings to Salcombe. See 'from Salcombe column' for ferry sailings to Kingsbridge.  

Sailing schedules may be subject to alterations during the summer. Please check for updates. 

Estuary, Coast & Creeks Cruises depart only from Kingsbridge.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Additional short 'Harbour Cruises' (half/threequarter hour) may also be advertised from Salcombe. (For your safety please wait at the top of Ferry Steps (Jubilee Pier) next to lower entrance to The Ferry Inn until called forward by crew.

Sailings may be cancelled without notice if conditions or circumstances necessitate.