All Rivermaid's sailings are governed by the tides, departure times therefore vary each day accordingly.

                                           See monthly pages for the 2019 sailing schedule.

          Be sure to check which Kingsbridge departure point, also your return sailing times.

                         Alternative travel options;

   Tally Ho Coaches operate buses between Kingsbridge & Salcombe (service 606, Mon - Sat) as follows;

    Buses from Kingsbridge;  0755, 0905, 1005, 1105, 1205, 1305, 1405, 1530, 1705, 1805, 1905.

    Buses from Salcombe;   0820, 0920,  1030,  1130,  1230,  1330,  1430,  1610,  1730, 1830, 1930.

Alternatively, the old coach road between Kingsbridge & Salcombe is a delightful four mile walk with bridges over the ends of Tacket Wood, Collapit, Blanksmill and Batson Creeks. There are some steep hills en route but the vistas rewards all the effort.  (allow a good two hours, and a couple more if adding the walk to Snapes Point).